Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visiting Ralph

Our trip from Savannah thus far has been exciting, to say the least. We spent time with my family in a couple of locations and spent Christmas with Tina's family for the first time since we were married 19 years ago. The kids and dogs had a good time, as did we. The day after Christmas we headed out and drove for two days to Bellingham, WA where we boarded the M/V Malaspina, a ferry from Bellingham to Haines, Alaska.

As I write, I am on the observation deck of the aforementioned vessel enjoying a rather rolly ride across the Queen Charlotte Sound. The day is overcast and grey and not a little drizzly. But in spite of the weather it is remarkably pretty. Islands are on our left (starboard I think) and open ocean is on our right. Waves crash high against the Canadian coastline. My family wants so badly to see wildlife that every rock in the distance is certainly a whale. And the driftwood passing by has got to be an otter or a seal or some other such sea going creature. Soon we'll be through this crossing and back in amongst the islands of the "Inner Passage".

And only one of my children has paid homage to Ralph, the god of porcelain. So far!


Jackie said...

Congratulations on Alaska... that was my first Active Duty assignment. In fact, when I left, most people were requesting second tours and being denied because there were so many people trying to stay or be stationed there! And that was at Wainwright - the interior where it was considered even harsher winters! Hope you all like to ski and such! And the Aurora Boreilis - or however you spell Northern Lights - are BEAUTIFUL!! I used to go sit in the femail latrine in the barracks - it faced the airfield where you could see them better - and just stare out the window at them. I even braved the -80 degree weather on a date with my ex husband to go into the training area, climb my pregnant butt up to where an OP used to be during one of his exercises, to just sit for 20 minutes watching it!

Cami said...

Besides the sea-sickness, it sounds wonderful, Brad, it really does. I'm sure Alaska is colder than Michigan, so you'll have to keep us updated as to HOW cold. Love and prayers to you and your whole family in the adjustment period and beyond!