Sunday, December 30, 2007


Some might disagree but guy dreams are different that girl dreams. I might be mistaken but girl dreams seem to rotate around sugar and spice and everthing nice whereas guy dreams seem to involve risking life and limb. At least mine do. For instance, I've always dreamed of going to Alaska; The Last Frontier, land of northern lights and hungry bears and all manner of man hunting wildlife. And as indicated in previous posts, I'm actually going to get to live my dream. Today was a small step toward that dream.

Travelling on the Alaska Marine Highway is unbelievable. The vistas, while mostly a million shades of overcast grey, are beautiful. We are seeing things we never thought we'd see before. Today we saw a couple of Bald Eagles. Later as we passed a small inlet we saw a pod of whales shooting plumes of water into the air about a half mile away. It looked like a chiminey smoking for a second or two. I have dreamed this day but never really thought I would be able to live it. I am. And it's magnificent.

Every second on this boat, while a common practice for some, is navigating new waters for me. It is exciting and kind of scary, but we are living in anticipation of what might be just around the next island or down the next passage. We pass small islands covered in trees and snow. Their beaches littered with massive boulders and drift wood. In my dreams I'm on those beaches exploring the woods and inlets. And obviously I'm cold. But the thought of seeing something new stirs my blood even if others have already seen it. That's my dream for my next assignment. I want to bring the blood of my soldiers to a fevered boil as I introduce them to the unexplored territory of their faith. I want to take them somewhere they may never have been and show them that it may seem cold and harsh at first, but it won't be dull. The life of faith never is!

It's a dream worth dreaming.


Jackie said...

Sir, make sure you got your car Alaska winterized! And drive carefully! Enjoy your road trip, you will get to see something new in Alaska every week. I walked two block from my goverment housing to the shoppette, came back with my husband at the time and there was a moose standing in the yard of one of the houses! WOW!

JudyL said...

It sounds so beautiful and it has to be much safer than many places you've been. I wish you and your family a very happy, safe, prosperous and blessed New Year. And, those of us who will likely never see AK would love to see pictures on your blog! (hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

Alaska is beautiful country and I can't imagine a place that reminds you more that God exists. Every time I see a whale, it is a religious experience for me. May He continue to bless you, your family, and the men and women you minister to. Happy New Year!

Cape Cod, MA

Anonymous said...

And the first official moose sighting will be...?

Shouldn't we in the lower 49 be getting together some sort of pool on this?

Cami said...

People have told me that I was raised like an "Army brat" since my dad moved us up and down the west coast so much for his work. But then my husband and I took our kids on a year long trek from coast to coast, from California to Prince Edward Island, Canada, experiencing so much of the continent in wonder and thankfulness. I wish more people could get the opportunity--TAKE the opportunity, but it really is a wonderful thing, and it can enrich our faith and make us more child-like; see the kingdom of heaven in our hearts now! Yeah, that's a dream worth dreaming!!