Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have not been writing much lately for a number of reasons and I have sorely missed it. One of those reasons is that my entire life has been given the old one-two by the US Army. It was expected but still no fun. I have recently PCSd. It's a Permanant Change of Station and it happens every so often in this life I've been called to. Basically, it means I've moved. I don't mind moving (as I'm naturally something of a nomad) but I hate leaving the soldiers and ministry I have come to love over the past 3 years. My writing since mid 2004 has been my way of relating the events of my life, down range and back home. I love painting mental pictures with words. I love telling people what a great job our soldiers are doing. I love putting my readers in my place so they can get a small glimpse of what life in the military is like. So here's another glimpse. It's transient. The hard part is that this life does not affect just me. It impacts my entire family.

My move, this time, was a short 3 hour drive from Savannah, Georgia to Columbia, South Carolina to attend the Chaplain Captain Career Course (kind of a "how to be a brigade chaplain" class that all chaplains take at one time or another). The problem is that this move is not for 3 years but six months. That means that if my family moves with me, we have to pull the kids from their school only to change to another school half way through the year. It means that for 6 months, my wife must make new friends knowing that she will have to leave them again at years end. It means that the next time we move it will be at Christmas time. It means alot. Our answer is that my wife and kids will stay in Savannah and I'll drive home on the weekends. Frankly for me this is not a big problem. I'm a nomad and I don't mind being alone for a bit. But my wife and kids are a different story.

The point of this posting is not that I have to move again, nor that my family is without me 5 days a week, nor that we have to move at Christmas this year. The point is that like many of the military wives I've met, my wife is amazing. For 6 months she will be a single parent. For 6 months, she will pay the bills. For 6 months, she will get the kids to school, games, field trips, and church with no adult assistance. And for 6 months she will not complain about it. So for 6 months, she will keep her head high and a smile on her face so as to make life easy on me. Finally, for 6 months I'll be thanking God that it's not me because I'd make it about 6 hours before there was bloodshead in my home!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, military families are amazing, especially mine.


JudyL said...

Yep, military families are amazing. Don't ever forget how many of us are out here who appreciate all you do and we appreciate your wife too!

We moved last year at Christmas and whew, I hope you have a better move than we did! I'm thinking being moved by the military has to be better than being moved by Allied!

Good luck to you and your family while you're away.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. You, your wife and children are extraordinary. Your family is fortunate to have you at the head and our military is downright blest to have a man of character in your position.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for writing. We love it.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Well, it sounds just a short weekend jaunt down the road and back before roll call Monday, but be careful out there, Chaplain.

I'm sure you know as much as anyone how tired military folk will try to cram as much weekend into that weekend visit home as possible and sometimes in the rush to get back before roll call they end up a statistic instead.

Be careful, sir!

Cami said...

Oh, my goodness, I didn't realize it had been so long since I checked your blog; more than a month. I agree 100% with your decision (not that THAT matters *wink*), it is a wise one. I agree that your wife is amazing, and she is in my prayers, you're all in my prayers.