Wednesday, July 14, 2004

More Goodbyes

The past few days have been rather hectic. I got home from Korea about a week ago and today we pulled out of Ft. Polk for the last time. As much as we hated it when we first got there, it was really hard to leave. Especially for Tina who has made some wonderful friends in the neighborhood while I was overseas. God really blessed her with good Christian ladies all around her and that made it easier on me to know she had a good support system in place.

Our church was also hard to leave. Pastor and Sherlene Reddout have been wonderful fellow Kingdom workers. Brother Roy has been incredible with my boys in the Royal Ranger Program. There are many wonderful friends and memories that will make Leesville a place we look back on with fondness.

Certainly it will be nice to get out of the forest and into a cityscape but the family atmosphere and the peace that comes with a rural life will be sorely missed.

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